Healthy Alternative Morn­ing Tray Bakehouse granola and yogurt, an assortment of Bakehouse no-fat breakfast rolls, assorted whole grain and fruit breads and fresh fruit. $4.95*
Morning Pastry Tray Delicious muffins, pecan rolls, Danish and filled crois­sants. $3.25*
Meat and Cheese Tray Overflowing with slices of Boar’s Head Black Forest ham, Deluxe Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Oven Gold Tur­key Breast, sliced Swiss, and Vermont White Cheddar Cheeses. Served with fresh Bakehouse Pumpernickel Rye, French Country or Whole Wheat bread slices. To accompany your sandwich tray. Crisp lettuce, Dill pickle slices, Tomato and Onion slices Seasoned Mus­tard and Mayonnaise $7.95*
Sweet Afternoon Tray Sweets from our pastry kitchen, assorted brownies, fruit bars, teacakes and cookies. $3.95*
Fresh Fruit Tray Attractively arranged fresh, seasonal fruits. $4.95*
Fruit and Cheese Tray An attractive arrangement of fresh strawberries, mel­on slices, red grapes, Muenster, Brie, Sharp Cheddar and Swiss cheeses. $4.95*
Cookie Tray Serves 40 People Four dozen assorted Bakehouse cookies. $45.00
Office Party Bread Bowl (serves 20) Bakehouse spinach dip inside a bowl made of our wonderful Pumpernickel, Surrounded by cubes of Pumpernickel for dipping. $16.95