Bakehouse Breakfast Club Farm fresh egg, cooked medium, smoked ham, Vermont white cheddar served on toasted Bakehouse Challah $4.25
Baked Egg Soufflé Light and airy egg soufflé, made with farm fresh eggs. Your choice of ham and cheese, spinach and cheese or grilled vegetable. $4.25
Egg Sandwich Farm fresh egg, tomato, cheddar and creamy mustard, served toasted on honey wheat bread. $4.25
French Toast Like no other in town. Fresh Bakehouse Raisin Walnut bread dipped in a creamy vanilla custard made with farm fresh eggs and toasted to perfection. Served with whipped cream cheese and orange marmalade. $4.95
Frittata A mile high frittata filled with cheese and seasonal vegetables. Ask for today’s offering. $6.95