We not only want you to love authentic artisan bread as much as we do at Bakehouse, but we also want you to know why Bakehouse Bread and Cookie Company’s bread and baked goods taste as good as they look.

In 1992, I made a decision to learn to bake bread the way bakers had when artisan baking was a calling and bread making was an art. So I put a jar containing a soupy mixture of flour and water on a shelf in my farm house kitchen as bait to entice the natural yeast from the air. Within 10 days and after daily feedings of organic flour and water, I cultivated my first yeast mixture.

However, the process turned out to require skills and finesse that I hadn’t expected. Taking instruction from an Artisan Bread Baker at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, taught me the science and physics of bread making. Later, at the National Baking Institute in Minneapolis, I apprenticed under a French Master Baker who gave me the confidence to start out on my own. Finally, with skills honed, a Volvo wagon, and dogged enthusiasm, my husband and I began selling loaves to restaurants, grocery stores and farm markets throughout the Miami Valley. The following year we opened a retail store offering pastry goods, cookies and coffee as well as artisan breads. And that was the birth of Bakehouse Bread and Cookie Company! Fortunately, people really appreciated quality artisan bread, so after 3 years we were able to nearly triple the size of our original 1,700 square foot shop, added a café and catering service, and purchased a stone hearth oven from Verona, Italy. We invite you to visit our bakery and cafe on Troy’s beautiful Public Square. Come in the morning, linger awhile and watch the artisan bread making process

Margaret Begg
Founder & Baker