Shipping Policy

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company’s products are all natural – made with no fillers or preservatives. In order to make certain that you receive your products as quickly as possible for a reasonable price, we utilize Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping through the United States Postal Service. We believe flat rate shipping is the most economical and reliable method of transporting Bakehouse products to bread and cookie lovers in all fifty states within two or three days.

Estimated Shipping Schedule:

Order on: For Delivery by:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday


Please note, USPS ground does not guarantee delivery dates. Estimated delivery within the continental Unites States is 2-3 days.
To estimate delivery to your location, view the Priority Mail Delivery Map, and enter the Bakehouse zip code as the point of origin (45373).
Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company ships to bread & cookie lovers within the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. We ship to military addresses (APO) but otherwise we are not currently shipping outside of the United States.

Please Note:

The post office will deliver to residences on Saturdays BUT, if please keep in mind that if you request us to ship our products on Thursday there is a risk that the package might not arrive until Monday. Our preservative free breads and cookies would not like that. So please weigh the risks before ordering late in the week.

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company is not responsible for shipping delays with USPS or packages do not arrive due to delays of weather, incorrect address or other shipping information errors supplied by the customer. By placing your order with us, you are agreeing that that once our packages are delivered to the post office they are in USPS control until they arrive at your front door.

Some important points to remember in order to receive the freshest products:
Please make sure your shipping address is complete and correct.

We normally don’t ask the post office to require a signature at the destination. If you want a signature required, please check the appropriate box. There is an additional $2 charge.

Because shipping costs are based on “no signature required” the package is delivered to the where the USPS mail is normally delivered. If you are shipping to a post office box, make sure the recipient knows that it’s coming in case they do not regularly check their P.O. Box.

We provide you with a tracking number, but if the package does not arrive, call us and we will work with the post office in tracking it down.

If you are shipping to a facility with a mail center you will need to take full responsibility alerting the organization your package is coming.

Refund Policy

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company’s reship / refund policy is based on the principle that we want our customer to love our product and keep coming back for more.

In that regard, in the rare case that you are somehow unsatisfied with our product, we do not offer cash refunds for our products. Instead, we examine each situation on a case-by-case basis and use our core customer service principles to determine next steps. We will do everything possible to make your experience excellent with us we want our customers to be happy, loyal and satisfied.

In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with our products, please contact us at and provide the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the reason for your dissatisfaction.
  2. If needed, a picture of the product should be submitted.
  3. Your concerns are very important to us. We will review the information you have submitted and review the order details to determine next steps.

Important to note:

No reships or refunds will be provided because of weather related issues, the delayed discovery of your delivered package, damaged packages, or simply not liking the taste of a cookie (which never happens).

Our policies are consistent and above industry standards.